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1809 John Wieser will (22Y) With YELLOW highlights

1821 Petition for Inquest on the Estate of John Weeser deceased. Nov. 9th, 1821 - original

Concerning property and 150 acres

These family names are highlighted in yellow:

Elizabeth Weesser
John Weesser late of Greenwich Township (died about 12 years ago)

Eleven Children -
Elizabeth married to George Zettlemeyer
Maria intermarried with George Zieger - without issue and since dead
Susanna married to Jacob Lowry
Catherine who is since dead
Salome married to J-- Aldenderffer
Rebecca married to Jonathan Rhinhard
Daniel who is a minor above 14 years
Lydia who is a minor above 14 years

**NOTE: This page of the will was written 12 years after the death of John. By this time Daniel and Lydia were still minors, but over the age of 14.

NOTE: Original will held distribution of property until youngest child turned 14 years of age.

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