American Tree Starts

The start of Wisser trees in America


Wissers who will have their own page and archive of documents


Actual census records with Wissers


Honoring Wisser family members who served.

Early Wisser Information

Information on Wissers who were born before 1820


Any Wisser I find information on. Mostly pre-1950


Places to find information


Wisser Family Research


March 20, 2013 - I just started my new Wisser Family site. Come and visit the "brand new" interactive site HERE. This site will continue to hve pages with family members and additional research information.

Also new for the Fall of 2013 is the Military Page. See the link to the left.

Jan 1, 2010- Ok, I'm doing it. I've had information up on the web with "family web site" companies in the past, but I never really got everything I wanted. I guess my needs have outgrown the "out of the box" solutions. After gathering information for the last 10 years or so I need to build a place to share what I have found, and hopefully find other people who would like to contribute. I also need someplace I can reference my project from different research locations.

It's time to build my own site. It will be simple, especially at first, but with lots of good research stuff and a place to share pictures, documents and information. This will be a "spare time" project so it will go slow. Drop me a line if you have comments, suggestions, or anything to share.

Please don't throw away our family history. If you are cleaning out the attic and run across old family pictures or documents and you are thinking about tossing them out, send them my way. (I will even pay your postage). That one document may be the missing link that many Wisser family members could enjoy.

If you're interested you could visit the Wisser Family's sister site - Bryant Family History.


Gary Wisser

Where To Start

Archive Directory A list of people I am researching with links to pages that contain photos, scanned documents, or links to web pages.

Census Records
Census Records from various states and cities that contain family.

Wisser Tree 1 Register
My family of Wisser's starting back in the late 1700s (Daniel Wisser's Register Report)

Wisser Tree 1 - Chart
Gary's Tree in chart format.

Wisser Tree 1 Ahnentafel
Starting with the current generation looking back.

Wisser Research Notes
A list of people I found while researching. Each person has a little infomation about them, usually a glimpse of something I found on the internet. There links to pages that contain information, photos, scanned documents, or links to web pages.. The people in this list may or may not be directly related to me. They may help someone find information

Updates to Web Site
On February 3, 2013 I started this page to track changes made to the web site.