American Tree Starts

Daniel Wisser
abt. 1765

Peter Wisser
1810 - 1852

Jacob Wisser

Rudolph Wisser (Weiser)
abt. 1811-1893

John Wisser
abt. 1815

Daniel Wisser

Roman Wisser
abt.1863 - abt.1919

Eugene Wisser

Christian G. Wisser
1864 -

Benjamin Franklin Wisser (Weiser)
1862 -1931


Wisser Tree Starts In America

I have divided my research into 11 different Wisser trees. Each tree starts with a Wisser who moved to the United States from another country or has changed his name to Wisser from something else.

So far I have not been able to connect these trees but my guess is that most of these trees have some connection, at least in Europe.

Soon each of these trees will have links to their own page and research.

The tree numbers are mostly random. They are loosely based on when I discovered them or began researching them. Since I first began research on my line, my personal tree is listed as number 1.


USA Wisser Tree 1

Jacob Wisser 1795 - 1886

Greenwich Township, Berks County, PA - Lehigh County, PA

This line is now being traced back to about 1752 when some of the earliest Wissers came to America.

Research Links:

Wisser Family History - By Gary Wisser


USA Wisser Tree 2

Peter Wisser 1810 - 1852

Prussia, Germany -Mexico - Pennsylvania, USA

The Wisser Family History - By Eric Wisser

Wisser Family History - By Gary Wisser


USA Wisser Tree 3

Jacob Wisser 1810

Bavaria, - Hamilton, Butler, Ohio

This site - By Gary Wisser



USA Wisser Tree 4

John Wisser abt. 1815

Germany - Indiana (about 1845)


USA Wisser Tree 5

Daniel Wisser 1824-1894

Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

Wisser Family History - By Gary Wisser


USA Wisser Tree 6

Roman Wisser abt.1863 - abt.1919

Germany - Anaheim, CA, USA

There is a great article about Roman Wisser from the June 13, 1978 Anaheim Bulletin writtren by Mark Wray HERE.

There is another page on that site with pictures of the Wisser Saloon, Sporting Goods Store, and other items HERE at


USA Wisser Tree 7

Eugene Wisser 1901-

Germany (France) -USA


USA Wisser Tree 8

Christian G. Wisser 1864 -

Canada - Lancaster Co., NE, USA


USA Wisser Tree 9

Benjamin Franklin Wisser (Weiser) 1862 -1931


USA Wisser Tree 10

Rudolph Wisser (Weiser) abt. 1811-1893


Spence & Cathy's Family Tree! - By Spence Burton

Wisser Family History - By Gary Wisser


USA Wisser Tree 11

Henry Wisser 1825-

Immigrated in 1868

Erbach, Nassau, Germany-Dravosburg, PA, USA

Branching Out: My Family Tree - By Aichele Villhauer

Wisser Family History - By Gary Wisser