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My Family Members Who Served in the Military

Please send information on anyone you would like to honor here.

This page is to honor members in my tree who served our country in the military.

Military records that I have found that contain information on people with the name Wisser but currently are not im my tree are on this page.




Henry Davidheiser

He enlisted in Berks County Pennsylvania in the month of May 1778 in a company commanded by Capt. Robert Connely in the Fourth Pennsylvania Regiment commanded by Col. Butler during the war. He received an Honorable Discharge from Col. Butler. At the Valley Forge he was placed in Capt. Scull's Company. Afterwards he was placed in the Grenadier Company commanded by Thomas Campbell where he remained until discharged at Carlille, Pennsylvania.

Records in German list his as Henry Dubertheiser.

He served for a term of about five years. You can find more information on him here.

This was my GGGGrandfather. (Gary Wisser)


War of 1812

Jacob Wisser

Served as a Private under the command of Captain Gabriel Old, and attached to the regiment commended by Col. John Lotz.

You can find more information on Jacob Wisser here.

This was my GGGrandfather. (Gary Wisser)


Civil War

Captain Jackson Bedford Bonner

Private June 11, 1861. Discharged, disability, October 1861. Appointed 5th Sergeant of Co. B,7th Regiment Confederate Cavalry June 16,1862. Elected Captain of Co. L, December 1,1862. Resigned, disability, August 31,1863.

This was my GGGrandfather. (Gary Wisser)


John Cornell

C 137 NY Inf

This was my GGGrandfather. (Gary Wisser)


Hezekiah Wisser (Esekias)




Johnathan Oscar Bryant

wounded in action



Donald William Benner

served in WWII

This is my Uncle. (Gary Wisser)


Edward Carl Bredbenner


This was my Uncle. (Gary Wisser)


William Clyde Bryant

served in WWII - Infantry - Company I

from June 27, 1940 to Jan 1, 1946



Paul L. Scott

U. S. Air Force -





Ed Gonzales

U. S. Air Force -

Stationed in Thailand and worked on planes.


Early 1980's

Billy Joe Patton (Jody)

U. S. Navy



2000 - 2004

Brandy Carney (Cain/Wisser)

U. S. Navy

Served from 2000-2004 on the USS Carl Vinson. She was an AD (Aviation Machinist Mate) and worked on F-14's. She fueled jets, launched and landed jets, carried chains, etc.

This is my Daughter-in-law. (Gary Wisser)



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