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The Ships That Brought Wissers To America

1751 Ship Edinburg

Page 47

page 48

Page 48

Page 49

Page 49

Page 254

I believe that "Casper Wisser" listed on this page may actually be "Casper Wistar"

Page 254

Page 255

Page 255

Page 256

Page 256

1753 Ship Edinburg

Page 576

Page 577

Page 578

Name of interest:

John Joachim Wieser

Page 579

Names of interest:

John William Wieser

John Gerlach Wieser

Page 580

Name of interest:

J. Jacob Wiesser

Page 581

J. Wilhelm Wisser

J. Gerlach Wisser

Note: On Ship list these men were listed as Wieser. When sworn in in Philadelphia they were listed as Wisser. As of January 2015 I am still trying to find information on these two men (Gary Wisser)