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Early Wisser Information

Early records can be very hard to find and have lots of holes. This page is a collection of Wissers who were born before 1820. Information is listed in order of the earliest date that the record provides information for.


Johann Jacob Wisser - born about 1733

Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Historic Pennsylvania Church and Town Records; Reel: 1040.

(Philadelphia, PA - Lutheran - St Michael's Concregation)

Johann Jacob Wisser age 25 in 1758


Name - How long in country - How many children - Age - Misc. Notes

Johann Jacob Wisser - 4 1/2 years - ? - 25 years old - ?

Johann Jacob Wisser 1758 church record


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Note: J. Jacob Wiesser arrived on the Ship Edinburg on 2 October 1753.


(Quoted from a Wikipedia article about Jacob Hite on 11/6/09)

Pennsylvania Chronicle, Sep 26--Oct 3, 1772:152, advertisement: On Thursday, the 15th of October next, will be sold by Public Vendue, on the premises {pursuant to a decree of the County Court of Frederick, in the colony of Virginia, for satisfying a debt due from Jacob Hite to Richard and Peter Footman, Francis Richardson, Clement Biddle, and Daniel Wisser} A valuable tract of land, containing 3118 Acres {more or less} with the dwelling-house, stores, and buildings thereon erected, situate in Berkeley County, {formerly part of Frederick County} within 13 miles of Winchester, on the great road leading thence from Shweringan's Ferry. The said tract is well watered and improved, being the plantation whereon the said Jacob Hite now lives, and from its situation, and other great improvements and advantages, is esteemed equal to any place in Frederick County.--Also, twenty-seven valuable Negro Slaves [Sep 17, 1772].


Geo. Wisser tax assesment 1781 - page 488

George Wisser tax 1781



Census record of Greenwich, Berks, Pennsylvania

Jno. Wisser

Jno. Wisser 1793 Census

Jno. Wisser 1793 line 134

See both pages of Greenwich 1793 Census and other Wisser Census Records Here.


Name: C D Wisser
Residence: Steuben, New York
Age: 56 years
Estimated birth year: 1794
Birthplace: New York

Gender: Male
Film number: 444315
Image number: 00388
Reference number: 27
Dwelling: 171
Household id: 176
Collection: United States Census, 1850


Jacob Wisser 64 years old (line 38), he was born in 1795.
His wife Anna Wisser (Davidheiser) is 53
Daughter Sarah Wisser is 20
Son William Wisser is is listed at the top of the next page.

More information can be found on Jacob Here.

Jacob Wisser 1860 Census

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John Wisser - (Not linked to any trees as of 2/11/13)

As of Janruary 2015 more information can be found here on the John Wisser/Wieser page. He now seems to be one of the earliest American members of my Wisser line. (Gary Wisser 1/19/2015)

Pennsylvania, U.S. Direct Tax Lists, 1798 ~ Greenwich, Berks, Pennsylvania

John Wisser tax 1798


John Wisser Greenwich 1798

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Jonathan Wisser is listed in the 1860 Census as being 62 years old. This would put his birth date about 1798. Thomas L. Wisser, age 12, is also listed. So far Jonathan Wisser has not been connected with my family tree although he lives in the same small township as my family. His page is here.


As of January 2015 the most current information I have on Jonathan Wieser can be found here. He now seems to be linked to my family in the Wieser line. (Gary Wisser 1/19/2015)


Jonathan Wisser is listed in the 1850 Census as being 51 years old. (see image below)

Jonathan Wisser in 1850 census