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Daniel Wisser
abt. 1765

Peter Wisser
1810 - 1852

Jacob Wisser

Rudolph Wisser (Weiser)
abt. 1811-1893

John Wisser
abt. 1815

Daniel Wisser

Roman Wisser
abt.1863 - abt.1919

Eugene Wisser

Christian G. Wisser
1864 -

Benjamin Franklin Wisser (Weiser)
1862 -1931


William Wisser

about 1847 -

(Tree Wisser 1)

William Wisser was the son of Jacob Wisser and Anna (Davidheiser) Wisser . He was born Abt. 1847 in Fullerton [14, 15]. Residence 1860 in South Whitehall, Lehigh, Pennsylvania . He married Angelina. They were married Bef. 1880. 1880 Census Jun 1880 in South Whitehall Township, PA (Age 33 - Listed as Farm Laborer in the 1880 census). Occupation was Labour.

Notes for William Wisser:1880 Census Notes:

His wife Angelina was living with him in 1880, along with his parents, two farm laborers, and a servent.


On January 30, 1892 William married Emma Keifer. (See marriage license below)






Jacob Wisser 64 years old (line 38) lists his trade as "Mason"
His wife Anna Wisser (Davidheiser) is 53
Daughter Sarah Wisser is 20
Son William Wisser is is listed at the top of the next page.

Notice the neighbors Alfendorfer, Ganguire, and Hammel. Jacob's sister Sara (b. 1799) married an Alfendorfer.

Jacob Wisser 1860 Census

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William Wisser in 1860 Census

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1880 Census

Jacob lived with his wife Anna, Son William, Daughter In Law Angelina on 1880 a farm hand, and a servent. Maggie lists her parents as born in Iceland, but I cant make out where Angelina's father comes from.

Jacob Wisser census family

Angelinas Farhers Birthplace

Jacob Wisser 1880 census

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On January 30, 1892 William married Emma Keifer.

William Wisser marries Emma Keifer in 1892

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