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Dale Oliver Wisser


This page is dedicated to our father Dale. Today would have been his 73rd birthday. (June 6, 2010)

Sometimes I really miss him!

My Dad

My father didn't spend a lot of time on words or in lecturing us, but his actions in life showed us what his beliefs were and what he expected of his children.

I never met a man I didn't like. These were not my father's words. In fact I don't think I ever herd him repeat that famous Will Rodgers quote. But that's the way he lived his life.

My father did not prejudge a man. He didn't see race, or judge you by what others may have said. When people met my father there was an air of mutual respect . Once you became a friend of my father's, you were a friend for life.

I was fortunate enough to spend a few years working around my father as an adult. What I witnessed was a manager of people like I have seen duplicated no where else. My father had the ability to treat people under him with the respect he felt they deserved. He had the ability to make everyone feel like they were an important part of the team. He was always willing to cut a little slack when it was earned. The amazing thing was, when the going got tough, and he asked for 110%, the people who worked for him were there with 150%.

He took a lot of pride in his work. My father made sure the job was complete, and done right before he put the Wisser name on it. I always try to live up to his standards when I sign my own name to a project

My father laughed. He had a great ability to enjoy his life and the people in it. Together with his best friend Willy, the laughter never stopped. I want to thank you Willy for bringing so much fun and so many adventures into his life.

I also want to thank Rosie for being so good to my dad and for always making us kids feel welcome.

Dad, I know that Rosie, and Mom, Willy, your sis and brothers, and all of us kids, and grand kids and are really going to miss you. But dad we will never forget, the way you've touched our lives.


(for my father's service)

Dale Wisser Information

Dale Oliver Wisser (Son of James Jacob Wisser, son of Oliver F. Wisser, son of Emanuel Wisser, son of Jacob Wisser, son of Daniel Wisser).

He was born on 06 Jun 1937 in Wilkes Barre, Luzerne County, PA to James Jacob Wisser and Iva Margaret (Cornell) Wisser. He died on 09 Nov 1996 in Phoenix, AZ [29]. Burial on 15 Nov 1996 in Green Acres Memorial Park, Colton CA. Occupation was General Telephone 32 year. Social Security Number was 567-46-9823.

Dale Wisser Photos

I believe this is in High School

Dale Wisser High School Age

Dale and his High School buddy

Dale Wisser and a High School friend

Dale and his Sweeetheart, Barbara 1956

Dale and his sweetheart Barbara


Dale on his Wedding Day

Dale on his wedding day.

Dale and Barbara Wedding Photo

Dale and Barbara wedding photo

Dale and Barbara Wedding in Newspaper

Barbara and Dale
House at 318 W. Francis
1957 (before remodling)

Dale and Barbara at Francis house 1957

Dale & Barbara at the Indio Fair (expecting Gary) 1957

Dale and Barbara at Indio Fair 1957

Dale Approx 1958

Dale about 1958

Dale holding Gary
Gary is one week old September, 1957
House at 318 W. Francis

Dale and Gary 1 week old

Dale feeding Gary at Francis Street house.

Dale feeding Gary

Brenda, Gary, and Dale

Brenda Wiser, Gary, and Dale

Donna, Dale and Coco

Donna Adams, Dale Wisser and Coco

Dad & Mom Clowning September '61

Dad anad Mom having fun in '61

Dale with a beard
GTE went on strike in the 60's ......... & so did the razor
House at 1716 S. Palm

Dale Wisser with a bard

Dale & Barbara
Brenda, Stevie, Gary, and Donna
Francis house in the 60's

The wiser family in the 1960's


About 1971 - Iva, Jim, Dale, Steve, Gary, John, and Bob at the house in Barstow, California.

Wissers at Barstow house


Dale at his brother Bob's house in the 70's

Dale Wisser at Bob's

Dale and Rosie about 1995

Dale Wiser and Rosie



In 1940 at age 3 Dale lived with his parents James and Iva, brothers Bob and Ed, and sister Laberta.

Dale Wisser 1940 census

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