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Daniel Wisser
abt. 1765

Peter Wisser
1810 - 1852

Jacob Wisser

Rudolph Wisser (Weiser)
abt. 1811-1893

John Wisser
abt. 1815

Daniel Wisser

Roman Wisser
abt.1863 - abt.1919

Eugene Wisser

Christian G. Wisser
1864 -

Benjamin Franklin Wisser (Weiser)
1862 -1931


Edward Carl Bredbenner



Don't forget to visit Ed's interactive page here. It has more pictures and cool things like family trees that will let you view up to 8 generations at once.

Ed Bredbenner was born June 25, 1922 in Pennsylvania. His parents were Randall Bredbenner and Iva Margaret (Cornell) Bredbenner. According to the 1930 census both of his parents were born in Pennsylvania as well.

He was a Sargent in the United States Army during World War II.

Ed passed away on February 28, 2002 and is buried at the Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside California.



Betty Underwood.


Mary Frances Downs



Census Records


Starting on line 3: Randal Bredbenner- head 27, Iva Bredbenner- wife 23, Edward.- son 8, Donald -son 6, Laberta - daughter 4y 8m, Earl Cornell. - brother in law 29, Elwood Bredbenner - brother 23, Ruth Bredbenner - sister in law 19, C. Elwood Bredbenner - nephew 1y 4months.

Iva Wisser 1930 census