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Daniel Wisser
abt. 1765

Peter Wisser
1810 - 1852

Jacob Wisser

Rudolph Wisser (Weiser)
abt. 1811-1893

John Wisser
abt. 1815

Daniel Wisser

Roman Wisser
abt.1863 - abt.1919

Eugene Wisser

Christian G. Wisser
1864 -

Benjamin Franklin Wisser (Weiser)
1862 -1931


Hezekiah Wisser

(Ezekiel Wisser)

1841 -

Hezekiah Wisser

Hezekiah Wisser was a son of Jacob Wisser and Annie Davidheiser. He was born Abt. 1841 in Crackersport [6, 12]. His occupations included Store clerk, Civil War Vet, and Agricultural pursuits. He was buried in Owned Section 1 lot 2 @ Ziegles Church in Weisenberg Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania [13]. (I still need his date of death ~Gary~)

Quote from - "History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania -1914"
Hezekiah Wisser, a son of Jacob Wisser, was born at Crackersport. In his earlier years he clerked in a store for a few years. During the Civil War he gave his services in defence of his country. For a number of years he has followed agricultural pursuits. He was married to Miss Knerr with whom he had two children, Emma and Anne. He was married a second time to Elizabeth (Miller) Desher. They are the parents of the following children: Irwin, Allen N., Estrella, Ida, Edwin, Beulah, William, and Herbert.


 Hezekiah Wisser and Tevilia were married on 16 Feb 1867 in Ziegel's Church, in Weisenberg Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.Tevilia is the daughter of Jonas Knerr. She was born Abt. 1845 [12]

Notes for Tevilia:

Her name was spelled Tevilla Knerr on the 1860 Census, but I think Tevilia is correct. gaw 3/31/2004

Last Name was spelled KNERR on Wedding Records:

Register of the Reformed Congregation of Ziegels Church,in Weisenberg Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

Hezekiah Wisser and Tevilia Wisser had 2 children.



Hezekiah later married Elizabeth Deisher, the daughter of Nathaniel Deisher and Elizabeth Miller

Hezekiah and Elizabeth had 8 children.



Hezekiah Wisser and childeren.

Hezekiah Wisser ChildrenView in high resolution. (Thanks to Tom for this photo)

Hezekiah Wisser and his extended family.

Hezekiah Wisser and FamilyView in high resolution. (Thanks to Tom for this photo)

The writing on back of picture lists many of the family names, but I'm not sure which name goes with what person. If you can identify any of these people please send an email to Thanks, Gary.

Hezekiah Wisser and childeren.View in high resolution. (Thanks to Tom for this photo)

Hezakiah Wisser listed in 176th PA Volunteers, Company B in the Civil War.

( **Another record show him serving in Company G., 5th Infantry Regiment from 11 September 1862 - 27 September 1862)

Hezakiah Wisser in the Civil War

Death of Mother-In_Law Lydia Deisher

Deasth of Lydia Desher (nee Miller)



On line 34: Ezikiel is 20 years old.

Hezakiah Wisser in 1860 census

Hezakiah Wisser in 1860 census

view in high resolution


Starting on line 33:Hezakiah 29, Tevilia 25, and Emma 2

Hezakiah Wisser in 1870 census

Hezakiah Wisser in 1870 census


Starting on line 6: Ezikiel 69, Elizabeth 45, Willie E. 16, and Alvin (Allen)14.

Hezakiah 1910

Hezakiah 1910 CensusView full resolution image.


Starting on line 30: Ezikiel 78, Elizabeth 58, and William E. 26.

Hezakiah 1920

Hezakiah Wisser in the 1920 Census

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