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Daniel Wisser
abt. 1765

Peter Wisser
1810 - 1852

Jacob Wisser

Rudolph Wisser (Weiser)
abt. 1811-1893

John Wisser
abt. 1815

Daniel Wisser

Roman Wisser
1856 - 1913

Eugene Wisser

Christian G. Wisser
1864 -

Benjamin Franklin Wisser (Weiser)
1862 -1931


Roman Wisser

1856 - 1913

Roman Wisser Dec. 25, 1856 - Aug. 21, 1913 immigrated from Germany. I have not been able to connect him to my family tree (Wisser 1) so I have placed him at the beginning of Wisser Tree 6 on this research site. Roman and his wife Emily had a son, Lucien "Pete" Wisser, and three daughters, Mary, Emma and Alice.

There is a great article about Roman Wisser from the June 13, 1978 Anaheim Bulletin writtren by Mark Wray HERE.

There is another page on that site with pictures of the Wisser Saloon, Sporting Goods Store, and other items HERE at


Roman Wisser family at their home located in the 100 block of South Lemon Street, Anaheim; image shows six family members identified, left to right, as: (rear) Roman Wisser; wife, Emilie Wisser; daughter, Mary Wisser; son, Lucien Wisser; (front) daughter, Alice Wisser; daughter, Emma Wisser.

Image from Anaheim Public Library . circa 1907

Roman Wisser Family Home


Roman Wisser Grave

Roman Wisser
Aug. 14, 1828 - May. 24, 1912

Emil Wisser
Sep. 29, 1863 - Apr. 7, 1941

Photo from
Photo by "William Barritt"